This page shows you to the Services we provide for the CNC, Precision Engineering, Plastics, Diecasting, and  Automotive Engineering industries.
Providing Tool Design and product development through 3D modeling with the use of powerful 3D CAD software and CAD-CAM software for CNC offline programming.

CNC Machining and Toolmaking Services

We can provide  you with the option of expanding your output with out having to buy a new machine to capacitate your customer demands. As well as providing you with top quality CNC Machined parts whether it is die parts or machine or automotive parts. With extensive knowledge in the Plastics  industry we're second to none!
With highly experienced and dedicated toolmakers backing up the CNC ! your tool is garaunteed to be landed on time if not before.
For those who have projects which need to be done but are not backed up financially
we offer the services of finance through One Finance who can broker  you the best deal to get the project underway.

Customized Car or Motor Cycle Parts
Being a new service in our industry we are still getting new ideas however our service is open to outside ideas hence the title customised. The customer may bring their part and request a design or bring a design and we will assist from there, what our target service at the moment is Billet Grills, Billet Steering Wheels, Billet Dash Kits, Custom Mag Machining whether Blank or for lightening  as well as custom designs, side trims is also on the menu!

      3D Modeling

3D Modeling  is a growing strong point in our goal for perfection in tool design, product design, or the designing of parts or accessories in the automotive industry.

Authorized Dealer
We are also Authorized Dealers for CIMCO
 CNC DNC software  probably the best DNC software on the market tried and tested by myself!

Cimco Edit
a simple and fast NC editor with an NC viewer as well as numerous other utilities to make your life easier, you can also DNC from the editor and send to a number of machines at the same time!

The power pack of all DNC software with remote speed and feed control as well as supporting WAP, WAN, and LAN,  technology enabling you to view your CNC progress from anywhere on the NET or even on your phone










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